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Rooney - Developing Into A Football Great?

Wayne Rooney is in the form of his life. We all know his wonderful talents are to admire, but could this be turned into something more? Could Wayne Rooney, by the end of his career, sit among the greats of world football?

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sokrates2456d ago

Sure he could. For me, the only one who is better, is Messi. But Rooney is as important for United as Messi is for Barca.

Rooney is great in the defensive part of the game, while Messi is just walking around in that part.

Anderson82456d ago

ronaldo is better aswell.. but he has the potential to be a legend as long as he stays injury free.. last season showed he cant shake off injuries very well

NewMonday2456d ago

for an English player he already is a great, but worldwide not yet.

to think he has another 10 years on him

KingPin2456d ago

i agree with you 100%. but i think he already is up there with messi and ronaldo. he plays great football, sure he may not do any fancy skills and dribble through 5 players, but he is a great team player. between him and hernandez, they gave defenders nightmares last season.

@ sokrates, you right too, he didnt shake off injuries too well last season and sort of lost his goal scoring form, but what he lacked in goals he made up for in team work. dropping down to midfield, gaining possession, making assists.

i think it was after that wonderful bicycle kick against man city last season that gave him his confidence back because after that, he played like his old self in every match after that.

there is a reason sir alex never got rid of rooney when they had that incident over the contract. Sir alex knew getting rid of rooney for man utd is like barca getting rid of messi, or real getting rid of ronaldo.