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Barcelona's Josep Maria Bartomeu claims Arsenal's original asking price was fair

Barcelona vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu has voiced his belief that Cesc Fabregas is worth at least €60 million and feels that the Catalans did a great piece of business to lure the Spain international to Camp Nou on the cheap.

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no_more_heroes2485d ago

I hope we never do any business with them ever again.

KingsCross2485d ago

Yes, they were not playing honest in this one. Barca new Fabregas wanted to go, so they could play their cards as real business men.

But it doesnt feel righ. Arsenal developed him as a player, and should get what he is worth.

freeduck2485d ago

That was a really classless comment by Bartomeu.

But you can also say that you bought Fabregas for free, then sold him back for a crapload.

rafay2484d ago

I disagree with that last part. Arsenal did all the hard work of developing the player. They deserved more out of the deal.

kulka2484d ago

Suprised at the number of games Fabregas plays at Barca I thought he was going to warm the bench.

KingPin2484d ago

with the big fuss they made over getting him, even if he played like ass they would give him a full 90mins.

rafay2484d ago

Watch the games and see how good he has been playing...

rafay2484d ago

I don't know. I've always thought that he was real quality. I don't say this very often but I think he is better or at least at the same level as Inniesta and Xavi. And he is showing that now. He is playing key roles in making the goals. And he is young and has the talent to play anywhere on the pitch.

I never thought he would be warming the bench...