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Mario Balotelli in Italy row after bringing iPad to the bench for Faroe Islands game

The flamboyant attacker has once again made the headlines for all the wrong reasons with his behaviour during Italy's 1-0 Euro 2012 qualification victory.

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freeduck2455d ago

Was he playing angry birds?

Anderson82455d ago

just ban him from the side untill he gets his act together simple

KingPin2454d ago

Agreed. they shouldnt even allow him to enter the stadium. he has no respect for fellow players or any manager. he isnt a team player at all.

whats worse, in his own mind, he actually believes he is in the league of Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney.

its funny to watch him though. every week we watch a man child perform like he has wet diapers :P

buddymagoo2454d ago

He needs a strong manager and I think Sir Alex could do the job but will never have to. Mourinho didn't know what to do with him and now Mancini is the same.

The boy has plenty of talent just too little smarts.

FlashXIII2454d ago

Don't see why he's in the Italian squad to begin with. Any smart manager would see the disrupting influence he has on everyone around him and would tell him to shape up, get his act together and earn his international call up.