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Michael Owen insists Manchester United are not afraid of Barcelona

The striker has conceded the Spanish giants outplayed them in last season's Champions League final, but believes a change of tactics by the Red Devils could reverse their fortunes.

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freeduck2479d ago

Maybe not you Owen, but it looked like Fergie was scared during the game..


Yeah... I don't think that is him being scared, if anything I'm sure he's desperate for another match against them. I know I am.

KingPin2478d ago

clearly you know nothing of Manchester United or Sir Alex Ferguson. that was not him shaking in fear as you put it. he was trying not to show his frustration with the way his side got out played in the finals.

SAF even stated that he is looking forward to the next meeting with Barcelona. if he was scared, he would probably say someting like "hopefully barca get knocked out before we run into them."

freeduck2478d ago

Of course he would say that he's looking forward to playing again against Barca, that's what they call good sportsmanship. He isn't going to say to the press that he hopes Barca loses and fails so he can sneak into another CL final.
Inside he really doesn't want to play Barca, they are the best team in the world right now with the best players.

buddymagoo2478d ago

To me it look like he was trying to control his left hook for the dressing room.

KingPin2478d ago

Manchester united prides themselves of beating the best to be the best. you should know this by now. its not a new policy of theres that they got going. its been there since the start and it will be there till the end.

like i said, you know nothing of manchester united. you comments are just solidifying that fact.

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