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Highlights: England 1-0 Wales UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifying Group G - 06.09.2012

Highlights: England 1-0 Wales UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifying Group G - 06.09.2012

1-0 A. Young 35'

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sokrates2421d ago

Poor performance by England. Cant understand why they keep Capello. He wont lead England to anything.

freeduck2421d ago

They will get rid of him after Euro's.. It's been stated several times, and hopefully Redknapp will take over.

Anderson82420d ago

redknapp or martin o'neal would do nicely

no_more_heroes2421d ago

If not for poor finishing on Wales' part (Earnshaw missing an open net!) England wouldn't even have won.

Like freeduck said, Capello is stepping down after the Euros.

kulka2421d ago

England got away with three points again no Wilshere no creativity at all

buddymagoo2421d ago

What we need to do in the middle is have
Cleverley - Wilshere - Henderson
Let them get experience at international level together. They are going to be used in the Future why not start now and get them accustomed to it.

no_more_heroes2421d ago

/*Off topic
Why did the mods go in and change up my format?! I did NOT submit it looking like this!

/*On topic
England just don't like playing at Wembley. I blame the vultures.

freeduck2421d ago

Yup English players have no confidence at Wembley. Their away record is better than home

zeddy2421d ago

england are 4th in the fifa world rankings...lmao. they out possessed us in the second half, at wembley, with a goal up. this even happend against bulgaria even though we won 3-0. when will they learn to try and keep possession and not try to win 9-0 every moment of the game.

freeduck2421d ago

Yeah FIFA rankings are screwed up. Another game that shows Capello is not the man for the job.