Highlights: Argentina 3-1 Nigeria International Friendly - 06.09.2011

Highlights: Argentina 3-1 Nigeria International Friendly - 06.09.2011

1-0 G. Higuain 24'
2-0 A. Di Maria 26'
2-1 C. Obasi 46'
3-1 U. Echiejile 65'(og)

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sokrates1959d ago

Messi my man! Change passport - be brazilian:)

Corepred41959d ago

He finally does good with Argentina against a weak team and you want him to change nationalities?! lmao

sdtarm1959d ago

messi havent scored goal yet FUCK :(

hes saving them for the world cup ;)

rafay1959d ago

Hahaha... Wonder what his Barca team mates say to him. He could have played for Spain.

krazykombatant1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

LOL way back when he was born what he hell was he gonna know that Spain were going to be a good team right now. Argentina (prestige wise) >>>>> than Spain.

kulka1959d ago

Messi was the man of the match another amazing performance

freeduck1959d ago

They played eachother a couple months ago? Why was there another friendly of the same teams?

Sahil1959d ago

coz FIFA is fcuked up :)

Nes_Daze1959d ago

Messi is very generous lol, but his passing is just the best in the world, why not.