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Cristiano Ronaldo and the 10 Biggest Whiners and Divers in World Football

Cristiano Ronaldo may be playing second fiddle to Lionel Messi as the world’s best player, but the flamboyant forward leads this list of the biggest whiners and divers in world football.

For all his ability, his accolades and the draw he brings from around the world, Ronaldo possesses a darker side that we’d like to see him get rid of. The persistent diving, the complaining to referees when things don’t go his way and the his knack for going missing in big games are all reminders of why the player may not surpass Messi as the greatest player in the world.

His antics are not as consistent as they were when he first arrived at Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon, but it does not hide the fact that he is seemingly the poster boy for world football divers and whiners.

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sdtarm2419d ago

CR7 obviously makes the top of the list

Corepred42418d ago

Aren't there enough of these kinds of articles already?

Sahil2418d ago

Bleacherreport likes repetitive things, they are IMMENSELY short of quality writers

DavidLuiz42417d ago

Only if they had a crying list? lol

RGB2418d ago

Pedro should of been there! Barca's 4 big cheats!

yezz2418d ago

where is van bommel, huge whiner..