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Highlights: Juventus 1-1 Notts County (New Stadium Opening - 08/09/2011)

1-0 Luca Toni 53'
1-1 Hughes 87'

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FootballZilla1913d ago

Lol Notts County 1-1 FACEPALM.

jak3y13oy1912d ago

I think they asked Notts County so they can give them a thrashing for their first game in there new spectacular stadium... that didn't happen though :L

Sahil1913d ago

WTF is wrong with Juve.

momthemeatloaf1912d ago

Stadium looks awesome. Fans are right on the pitch. Gonna be some great atmospheres in there.

no_more_heroes1912d ago

Honestly, we shouldn't be surprised. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for County. I knew they would try to savor the moment and play above themselves, because how many more times are they gonna get to play teams of Juve's stature in the near future?