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Manchester United & Cristiano Ronaldo: Will They Ever Reunite?

Recently, in an interview with Sky Sports Cristiano Ronaldo hinted at a possible return to Manchester United.

This is not the first time talk of a Ronaldo-Manchester United reunion has taken place.

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buddymagoo2420d ago

When Ronaldo's dad died Sir Alex played a big part in helping him cope with it. I'm sure he will be back one day as a matter of respect.

sokrates2420d ago

Didnt know... His welcome back in my opinion:)

buddymagoo2420d ago

He was 19 at the time. Even to this day he admits to calling Sir Alex for advice from time to time.

XboxInnovation2420d ago

He wants to go back to United because he is now realizing they are more popular than Real Madrid and a better team.

wantedboys2419d ago

United better than Real Madrid keep dreaming

buddymagoo2419d ago

We would pick apart the superstars just like we did Citys overpaid bunch. It's only Mourinho and it's not like we have not come up against 200m worth of Mourinho players before.

krazykombatant2419d ago

More popular and a better team.. The Former maybe in the U.S but the latter no way.

xX_Altair_Xx2419d ago

Man U's record both in their domestic league and the CL over the past 5 years suggests they are the better TEAM. You're focussing too much on paper. And Utd are more popular not only in the US but all across Asia.

Trizard2419d ago

Lol all three articles given as evidence are over a year old, some a year and a half, some almost 2. Thats just fail.