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Highlights: Manchester City 3-0 Wigan Athletic (English Premier League - 10/09/2011)

1-0 S. Aguero 13'
2-0 S. Aguero 63'
3-0 S. Aguero 69'

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KingsCross2285d ago

Bought and paid. No soul no glory! Why doesn't anyone say f... Off City?!

Sahil2285d ago

nice n true, that cud be a chant :)

no_more_heroes2285d ago

of all the people for this comment to be coming from given recent..."events", between City and United wining the title, I'd prefer United to win it.

I'm serious.


...says the guy who supports Chelsea.

Nes_Daze2285d ago

I hope City comes on top over MANU, as much as I enjoy watching Rooney play.

b163o12285d ago

Hi Haters..............


freeduck2285d ago

Aguero is scoring goals for fun nowadays