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Manchester United are clicking early like never before

It was their second teatime kick-off in two games, but once again Manchester United served up champagne football to prove a point to noisy neighbours Manchester City.

If City have raised the bar in the first four games of the Premier League season, United have put a rocket under it and sent it into orbit.

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Here's hoping we have a better away form than last season.
So far so great.

kane_lfc2446d ago

They have been good so far...but its only 4 games in.

buddymagoo2446d ago

Not only 4 fantastic wins but we showed up 200m City team in the charity shield game. Also our young lads beat Barca's 9 CL Starters 2-1 in pre season.


KingPin2445d ago

heres hoping they keep this form up the entire season.

sure its still early days, but keep in mind we still have a world class bench to get into the game. the likes of berba, owen, valencia, carrick, park it can only get better.

and we got rafael and fabio <im really enjoy watching them play. showing a lot of promise.>

hopefully we will have enough players throughout the season to compete for every single trophy and no other players gets tackled as bad as davies/cleverly incident.