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Chelsea FC: Fernando Torres Is Useless and Must Be Sold to Anzhi Makhachkala

Juan Mata took 34 minutes to score his first ever goal for Chelsea whereas Fernando Torres took 14 games.

Daniel Sturridge took 51 minutes in his first start of the season to register a goal whereas after 248 inept minutes, Torres has yet to find the back of the net.

Torres is useless, he's a lost cause, he lacks the heart, the determination, the mental will power to succeed.

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sokrates2472d ago

Haha: just sell him! what a waste of money anyway:)

freeduck2472d ago

Pretty stupid article. Why on earth would he go to Anzhi when he wants to win trophies?


I'm not sure if any big club is going to take a risk on him, I'm not even sure if the small rich clubs like Anzhi or Malaga will risk buying him, I haven't seen a great player go so badly of form for so long since the fat Ronaldo.

Anderson82471d ago

they would just for the name shirt sales and publicity.. big clubs wouldnt tho as he's no way near world class at the mo.. personally i dnt think he'll ever get back to his best but he should get about 10-15 goals this season

RedDevils2471d ago

The question is, how long till he score another goal?

ngecenk2471d ago

give him some time, make him starter with mata! torress style does not match the oldies

xX_Altair_Xx2471d ago

I'm not sure who's more stupid: Liverpool or Chelsea. Chelsea for spending £50m on Torres when they could've got Aguero for cheaper or Liverpool for spending that money on Carrol when they could've got Aguero.

kane_lfc2471d ago

Id go with Chelsea spending £50mil on Torres because they could afford Agueros wages...infact Torres is on 40k more than Aguero....LFC couldnt afford Agueros wages.

XboxInnovation2471d ago

Def sell him. He looks so uninterested now that he got his money. This has to be the worst signing of all-time.

xX_Altair_Xx2471d ago

As bad as Zlatan @ Barca? Only time will tell :)

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