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Aguero - Don't call us Barca

Sergio Aguero does not want to compare Manchester City to European champions Barcelona.

Manager Roberto Mancini has been earning praise for the revitalised style of his team this season and, on Saturday, Wigan were swept aside 3-0 at the Etihad Stadium.

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buddymagoo2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

No one is. More like Real Madrid. Always spending the money but winning little while the Champions continue to dominate with out the need to spend as much.

HxCGamer2447d ago

why not spend in the clubs future if you have the money...

And this year i think RM > Barca
Our team is young and needed adjusting time.

Gamer19822446d ago

Don't kid yourself United have been buying the premier league also since it started. You cannot mention 3 player in that team who started more than half the games last season that were not bought. Plus they broke the English record more than City for players bought. The difference is City did it in a shorter time that's all. I agree somewhat about RM they are looking strong this year and could come above Barca.

KingPin2446d ago

United have been buying players. no doubt about that but the difference is, united always had a lot of players from their academy. how many of manchester city players are from their own junior academy?

on topic: no one i know is comparing manchester city to barca. maybe when they start winning trophies regularly, like a EPL/champions league we will. but for now man city are miles behind.

Gamer19822445d ago

Erm quite a few actually and a few are still playing in the premiership like Richards, Barton, Sturridge, SWP to name a few. There are more but most have moved onto other teams outside the premier league. A lot of uniteds youth players came from other teams lets not forget Giggs once played for City.