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Is the FA right to keep the names of recreational drug takers secret?

Monday night's Dispatches – The Truth About Drugs in Football followed the same cycle as several recent sport documentaries. Hype whipped up by the programme makers – teasing viewers that they would reveal the identity of a "multi-million pound footballer" who had secretly failed a test for cocaine – was followed by a collective shrugging of the shoulders when the player in question turned out not to be a current Premier League player but a wayward Scottish striker who had been released on a free transfer by Birmingham City.

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Yi-Long2475d ago

... I really don't give a rat's ass what these players do in their spare time.

That's between them and their clubs and those involved.

buddymagoo2475d ago

It has been uncovered by the British press that it was a former Birmingham player that no one would know.

Big deal out of nothing. They were going on like it was the top clubs.