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no_more_heroes2445d ago

So Chelsea are the only PL club to win in this round. Everyone off to a slow start it seems...

sokrates2445d ago

Surprice... But I think City will kick back. Not worried yet.

Sahil2445d ago

wake up call for city?

Gamer19822444d ago

Pundits say this was Citys best performance of the season and they did dominate for periods of the game hitting the bar twice. They were unlucky not to win this game but the CL is new for some of the players and they are still not 100% gelled.

freeduck2444d ago

ManCity will not get far with Mancini. If they want to succeed in the CL they must get rid of Mancini, he has a poor record in the champions league.

kane_lfc2444d ago

Hes a poor manager overall

Gamer19822444d ago

He is still a relatively young manager and still has lots to learn look at mourinho he still hasn't wont the thing yet any team would have him.. Well until this year maybe.

Flashwave_UK2444d ago

wtf he won it with chealsea inter and lots of other clubs

freeduck2444d ago

CL with Porto
League Titles and FA Cups with Chelsea
CL, League title, Cup with Inter
League Cup with Madrid

He has won a lot, and he has an excellent record in the Champions League.

Gamer19822443d ago

Sorry I mean to put he never won it with Chelsea but it seems you don't even know that.. My point was back when he was in charge of Chelsea nobody would have got rid of him.
Mancini has won Serie A (3),Coppa Italia (4), Supercoppa Italiana (2) and of course the FA Cup. Nothing to be laughed at. CL will come.