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Top 50 Unsung Heroes in World Football

World Football today is dominated by big-name superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who score tremendous amounts of goals and grab all the headlines. Players often want to emulate the Wayne Rooneys, Didier Drogbas and the Samuel Eto'os; they idolize these players who receive so much attention from the media for doing their job.

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Infernostew2413d ago

Since there's a picture of Park on there I'll have to comment on that alone. What rubbish to say Park is an unsung hero. His song is one of the most popular at Old Trafford and I've sung his song first hand at Reebok Stadium last September and after he scored against the MLS Allstars this preseason.

Anderson82412d ago

i think park gets alot of recognition these days as he always delivers in the big games etc.. but i do remember the days not so long ago when all pundits said he was only in the team to increase our popularity in asia and that he wasnt good enough to make the first 11

Sahil2410d ago

Nice list, agree with some.