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Highlights: Manchester United 3-1 Chelsea (English Premier League - 18/09/11)

1-0 C. Smalling 8'
2-0 Nani 37'
3-0 W. Rooney 45'
3-1 F. Torres 46'

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freeduck2437d ago

Both teams could have scored more goals. Torres had potential to score a hat trick, including this number:

I feel that Chelsea should have gotten a point this game they played really well in the second half.

buddymagoo2437d ago

Ashley Cole made a disgraceful foul on Chicharito, it could have been a leg breaker. Should have been a red card and a penalty. Cole was lucky!

3-1 CHAMP19NS!

RufustheKing2437d ago

agreed. why the hell did the ref give him a yellow in the box doesn't that mean it was a foul in the box?

badz1492437d ago

and United is doing the killing week after week!


The amount of chances missed from both teams was unbelievable.

Anderson82437d ago

chelsea had double the number of shots but when you have torres upfront we realy had nothing to worry about lol... miss of the season for sure

shame rooney didnt get a few more but a great result especially with city drawing


To be fair this was Torres' best game for Chelsea, he was their most dangerous player but I'll be honest, when he missed that chance, I punched the air and started cheering like it was a goal, what a match, truly heartstopping moments.

zeddy2437d ago

chelsea got at us to easy. anderson gives the ball away too much, cant we just keep the ball for 5 mins without trying to score?

Anderson82437d ago

poor performances all round.. cleverly is a better player than i gave him credit for he helps dictate the pace of the game and doesnt lose possession as much as carrick and fletcher although fletch is still rusty after being out for so long

buddymagoo2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Woop Woop!

Nani destroyed Ashley Cole.

RedDevils2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Last time Ca$hley got lost in Spain, because he couldn't find Valencia, now this time Nani make him inside out lol

guigsy2437d ago

After 100 PL appearances Nani has scored as many and assisted 3 times as many goals as Ronaldo did after 100 PL appearances. Nani = class.

RedDevils2437d ago

here an Interest stats

Nani 100 games = 19 goals, 33 assists
Ronaldo 100 games = 19 goals, 12 assists

genocidegeneral2152437d ago

great result united!
and as for torres, no excuses for that! .

ngecenk2437d ago

aside from that failure, torress played really well last night. mata-sturridge-torres is a wonderful mix, they just need more time, especially mata.

chelsea player really good last night, im sure if they keep playing like that in stamford, they'll crush MU.

genocidegeneral2152436d ago

crush united?
well we'll have to see about that :P

Infernostew2437d ago

Happy with the win but not the performance. The misses alone by both teams in the 2nd half was shocking. Rooney and Torres should've both had hat-tricks. I was really impressed with De Gea's goalkeeping but the defense were very shaky for the whole 90 minutes.

claney2437d ago

United's defence all season has been questionable its just that they have been taking every chance in front of goal before that second half, it will be interesting how long they can keep this up, cause last year Chelsea started like this and then we know what happened there

and I hope Torres can come back after that miss he looked good all second half today till that miss

RedDevils2437d ago

What defense question all this season, idiots, you need to come back and watch the whole match,. This match the midfield was shaky, same with a defense a bit. Although not a good performance but I take the 3pts thank you very much, but we have to improve with the midfield

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The story is too old to be commented.