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Highlights: Levante 1-0 Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Division - 18/09/11)

1-0 A. Kone 68'

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sdtarm2352d ago

levante actually deserved it, the most expensive club in the world couldnt score a single goal in this match

sdtarm2352d ago

wonder if mourinho picked somebodys eye on his way out of this stadium. why mourinho? why?

freeduck2351d ago

I guess mind games really didn't work with Mourinho this time..

zeddy2351d ago

this is what happens when you rest rest your best players.

Theo11302351d ago

well we did go down to 9 players in the 39 minute of the game, and we almost scored before that, we just didn't have any luck.

Mr Patriot2351d ago

Face it madrid fans, money cant win u matches

Flashwave_UK2351d ago

we rested players you dumb facker

lugia 40002351d ago

Flashwave_UK: Yep, but you still lost.

Zalset2351d ago

Ur bench still has more quality than the starting XI of most teams in the world including Levante.

kane_lfc2351d ago

There bench costs more than the Levante team ;)

kane_lfc2351d ago

Levantes record summer signing was a player for £1.8mil...Madrids was £30mil for a player they didnt even need!

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sdtarm2351d ago

you guys were down to 10 players, still it was up to the end of the first half, you guys couldnt score a goal in 45 minutes...

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