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Atletico Madrid's Jose Antonio Reyes: The Premier League is good but La Liga is the best

Atletico Madrid attacker Jose Antonio Reyes believes that La Liga in stronger than the Premier League and insists that it is "virtually impossible" for other Spanish sides to compete with Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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zico2435d ago

ha ha ha....You make me laugh.... LaLiga do have two teams battling for the title every year, and yes these teams are good! But PL have 5 teams battling for titles, and just look at semifinal teams in CL last 6 years. Who is representative there?

buddymagoo2435d ago

I Man Utd were to win those CL finals against Barca no one would even be talking about La Liga.

The_Nameless_One2435d ago

Yes he's right. La Liga has the best Two Team League in the world.

buddymagoo2435d ago

I wouldn't really call a team that has just got beat by Levante the best in the world. If that was Manchester United with 10 men we all know who would have won.

Corepred42435d ago

Didn't know a team isn't allowed to lose a game or else all of the sudden they are considered to suck. lmao but if it was barca people would be all good with it huh, lmao.

freeduck2435d ago

That logic doesn't make much sense.
ManU broke their unbeaten run last season to Wolves.

Sahil2435d ago

everyone has their own opinion, some even think australian league is better but it isn't.

freeduck2435d ago

Rafa Benitez wrote a comparison on his website recently about La Liga vs EPL and it has some pretty interesting statistics I will submit an article for approval.

HawtSkull2435d ago

LOL la liga has less copetition than Italy,Germany,France And England.Only 2 teams in spain even challenge for the title nowadays whereas in other areas you have 5 or 6 big teams

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