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Fernando Torres's miss against United was not the worst ever

With Chelsea 3-1 down at Old Trafford on Sunday, Fernando Torres missed a very good chance. For a player of his class such a slip is horribly embarrassing but for the rest of us it brings two key benefits: an immediate, instinctive giggle, followed by a million pub discussions about where it ranks in all‑time miss misery.

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freeduck2436d ago

Not the worst ever, but will be the worst this season and in recent history.

Computersaysno2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Worst one i seen in the premier league for a few years at least. He was still running across the goal at speed and didn't correct for that properly. Truth be told he didn't have LOADS of time to score because De Gea was up quick but even so he had enough to slow his run and pass it in.


Nightfallen2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I think this was bad too lol

Sahil2436d ago

It wasn't even the worst miss of the game. Far more positives to take from his performance than negatives, IMO anyway.


It was the worst miss of the game. That said I hope he does get back to his best, it's gone on for long enough, this pic says it all...

Sahil2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I THINK the ramires miss was worst, he just had to tap it in(direct the ball), that's it. The torres miss, he made the skill move past de gea but cudn't maintain his balance, it was entirely his effort.

RedDevils2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

This is worse than Torres from Kenny himself lol


Sahil2436d ago

haha.. remember that.. it was offside, tho :)

buddymagoo2436d ago

Liverpools worst miss has been not winning the English League for 20 years.

Ba dum tss

RedDevils2436d ago

Yeah haha, that too I couldn't believe Giggs missed But Forlan missed is worse xd

Sahil2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

add this to the collection



@Sahil - Worst Football Miss Ever!! Nov 15 2010

RedDevils2436d ago

yeah that Qatar guy was trying to kick the post instead of the net lmao

Anderson82435d ago

your making excuses for a guy that cost 50mil?.. he wasnt off balance there was no1 around him he could have used his right or left and his left side isnt even weak so there are no excuses.. it was a terrible miss, though he did play well

Sahil2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

not making any excuses, I just think it happens sometimes, like the giggs miss and villa miss, big players sometimes miss these kind of EASY chances. He was under a LOT of pressure to score goals, ppl shud give him a break, he was the best among all other CHE plyrs that day.

RedDevils2435d ago

just give the guy some slack, even I don't like him, but he been getting treat like crabs from the Media already. You don't really see that if He English i.e. Carroll

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HawtSkull2436d ago

torres was chelsea's best forward that game,but he should've scored a hat trick.ramires was abysmal.

ngecenk2436d ago

couldnt agree more! everyone keep pointing to this error and judging torress game on that. he was great the entire match, its just the other player: sturridge, ramires are extremely frustrating, not bad, but clueless what to do during the whole match.

RufustheKing2436d ago

If someone paid 50Mil for me and then i go along and do that. yes it is the worst miss ever :(

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