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City launch multimillion battle to stop next Giggs signing for United

Manchester City yesterday tabled plans for the most ambitious training facility in world football, in the hope that it would prevent them from losing the next Ryan Giggs to Manchester United.

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RufustheKing2407d ago

Typical city. "A fool and their money are soon parted"

Sahil2407d ago

"City launch multimillion" END OF STORY.

b163o12407d ago

So investing into our youth is bad in your opinion, I really figured this would have been accepted all around. Especially since everyone thinks we're ruining the Premier with all our spending. Or maybe your just one of the many City haters, ready to damn us for anything we do.



Yeah but I doubt City will ever turn to their youth unless someone really really special comes through since they pretty much have an unlimited transfer fund

Sahil2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

and with mancini as the manager, don't think he has the ability to include youth players in his squad for an EPL game.

I don't hate any club and am not against city's big spending, it's their way.

b163o12407d ago

Understood on both fronts. As far as seeing anybody come up thru the Academy, I really don't see that anytime soon.

Anderson82407d ago

that may be your best move since you got the new owner.. the fact that you have no academy players coming through shows this is a good idea.. also when your letting player like sturridge leave

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buddymagoo2407d ago

And the Reds go marching ON! ON! ON!

kane_lfc2407d ago

Has Man Citys youth academy ever actually produced a world class player?