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Manchester United: Five Reasons Why Sir Alex's Team Won't Win the Premier League

BR - Manchester United have started the 2011-12 Premier League season in spectacular style. Five matches, five comprehensive wins, a goal difference of plus 17, top of the table. Wins over Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young and Nani on fire. Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez coming into his own after an injury-induced lay-off. A fresh crop of youngsters, ready to step into the breach.

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gemc6662437d ago

looool what? they have one of the best starts and their history and also with the win against chelsea they are 18-0-0 at home, and you are telling me that they are not the best candidate for champ in the Premier? >_>

RufustheKing2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

LOL i can Give 11 reasons on why they will, i can also give you another at least 11. No one knows who will win the EPL, but man u are the most likly. now a Five reasons why QPR wont win thread is much more resonable.

A teams start to the league has nothing to do with how it will end. look at Chelsea last year. but Man u have one thing going for them that the other main rivials dont have(Man city, chelsea) Alex wont get sacked if he loses 3 games or the owner gets bored with them. city and chelsea are not that luckly and thats a fact.

GJ232437d ago

5. Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young and Nani Won't Keep Scoring Screamers

Does this mean they will lose the ability to score scruffy goals? Ridiculous point to make

4. Defense and Central Midfield Are Both Suspect

Crap point about how the opposition have had a lot of shots at target meaning the defence is no good. This is because teams have decided to smash it at goal any chance they get due to the flawed perception that De Gea is weak with long shots.

3. Manchester United's Eye Is on the Champions League and Barcelona

So the league will get ignored? The lineup against benfica shows that the league will again be important.

2. Noisy Neighbors Manchester City Are the Team to Beat

The team that has the best form so far this season arent the team to beat? Every team will look for the Man Utd fixture on their list before the city one.

1. United Have Lost Experience, Lots of It

Sounds like Keegan's famous "never win anything with kids" argument.

5 very poor reasons in all honesty

RedDevils2437d ago

I just lost some of my IQ just by reading this opinion article WTF is this guy trying to say lol