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Manchester United: Five Young Guns To Watch

BR - Every once in a while we are treated to some of Sir Alex Ferguson's products that dazzle us with their skill and ability.

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buddymagoo2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

A lot of these are established players.

My top 5 for the future

5. Joshua King
4. John Cofie
3. Paul Pogba
2. William Keane
1. Ravel Morrison

Morrison is lethal

Anderson82345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

morrison is def' the best of the lot.. hope he sorts out his life so we can start playing him.. would be a waste of talent otherwise

..the article list is terrible all but pogba are proven already

RedDevils2345d ago

Don't forget
Ryan Tunnicliffe
Jack Barmby

GJ232345d ago

And Petrucci, Blackmore, Massacci, Lingard, Blackett, Daehli and van Velzen

GJ232345d ago

Seems like Morrison has dissapeared. Havent seen him in the Reserves for weeks. Havent heard about him picking up an injury either. Hope they havent gotten fed up with him

buddymagoo2345d ago

They are trying to keep him out of the press until they get his head sorted. is always the best and first place for Man United news.

GJ232345d ago

Must have missed that article. Thanks :)