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England fall to eighth in FIFA rankings

England have fallen four places to eighth in the new FIFA world rankings despite winning back-to-back Euro 2012 qualifying matches.

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jak3y13oy2465d ago

more realistic though..

freeduck2465d ago

How they got 4th in the beginning is beyond me.

mastiffchild2464d ago

No-it's because the ranking system is as broken and bent as Fifa itself. The formula just won't work and it needs scrapping. Not that I like international football and it's jingoistic, nationalistic BS and teams lauded which would, no doubt, be beaten by top club sides every time but, you know, broken is broken.

Anderson82464d ago

there are too many old men stuck in old ways at fifa and uefa for these thing to change any time soon.. this is more realistic but england arent top ten

Baka-akaB2464d ago

yeah it's a nonsensical system . They shouldnt even be 8th right now , and plenty other dont have a rank that reflect their actual perfs

Infernostew2465d ago

How is Italy 6th? They could only score 1 goal on the Faroe Islands!