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Manchester United: Can the Reds Go Unbeaten All Season?

BR - If you ask the football pundits and the British tabloids, Manchester United have already won the Premier League.

It's a preposterously premature claim, with just five games completed, but that's the bamboozling form the Red Devils are in right now! They are, if popular opinion is to go by, unbeatable. But will they, or can they, remain unbeaten until the end of the season?

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F*ck off Bleacher Report seriously, go back to your meaningless lists, not too long ago you posted this rubbish

Sahil2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

haha.. they are a f**ked up website!

RufustheKing2309d ago

Here Here CYBERSNAKE. Lets no Jinx it ;)

RedDevils2309d ago

It's from a different guy lol but bleacherreport can never take seriously

Gamer19822308d ago

It's because anybody can submit articles to the site you don't have to be a reporter or anything. It's like a giant blog. Which is why I'm surprised its not banned already.

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