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Arsenal FC: Why Arsene Wenger Is Still the Right Man for the Job

BR - Arsenal’s unconvincing 3-1 defeat of Shrewsbury Town in yesterday’s Carling Cup fixture is not enough to take the sting out of Blackburn’s 4-3 victory over them last weekend.

Arsene Wenger’s position as Arsenal boss has been subject of media interest for several years now. After simmering away in the crucible that is the football circus for several seasons, the sales of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas have catalysed a new wave of frustration and criticism being vented towards the Frenchman.

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KingPin2404d ago

bleach report is the most schezo website on the internet.

last week article - arsene wenger will be first manager fired
this week he is right man for the job.

last week - man united wont win the premier league
this week - could man united go unbeaten this season.

thats just 2 examples, im sure you guys seen more contradicting headlines on that site.