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Highlights: Liverpool 2-1 Wolverhampton (English Premier League - 24/09/11)

1-0 R. Johnson 11'(og)
2-0 L. Suarez 38'
2-1 S. Fletcher 49'

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sokrates1855d ago

Great goal by Suarez! Then he acts like a child when he is substituted with Gerrard. Lol!

Sahil1854d ago

he doesn't like being substituted at all.

he shakes his head evn though he was the best player on the field :)

kane_lfc1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

From what I seen of Gerrard, he still has it ;)

zico1855d ago

suarez: Liverpools best man as usual. Carroll was good today¨. Good to see. And Wolves goalkeeper was great. He looks like Peter Schmeichel. Should have been 5 or 6 -1 but he saved wolves from a bigger loose.

Also great to se Gerrard back!

sokrates1855d ago

But Suarez behaviour when substituted with Gerrard is just not how you do as a team mate. Disrespect for the manager, the team - and most important Gerrard -his been out for 6 month - and thats his welcome back to a PL match from Suarez!!!

Sahil1854d ago

"his welcome back to a PL match from Suarez!!!"

if you see it this way, then probably it was a bit disrespeting.

freeduck1854d ago

He tweeted after the game apologizing for his reaction, he just wanted to stay on the pitch and help the team win.

Sahil1854d ago

3 points is 23 points, nothing beats that.