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Tevez claims he was 'not mentally right' to come on against Bayern Munich

Carlos Tevez claimed he was not feeling mentally right to enter the pitch for Manchester City after refusing to come on as a substitute against Bayern Munich.

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johnsonbat2398d ago

What gutless and shameful behavior. Which manager in the world would want to work with such a juvenile twat like Tevez. I hope he never plays in Europe again, he doesn't deserve to.

batguyz2398d ago

since when did "tools" start having feelings? your manager says play u play dammit!

GamersRulz2397d ago

wow, that's an insult to all sports players.

batguyz2397d ago

don't get me wrong they do have opinions n stuff but when you think about it in a clear sense what exactly is the managers role if he tells a player to play and the player says i don't feel like playing. well if fergie were the coach of man city you know already how it would go down (becks,nistlerooy)

Sahil2397d ago

It's all tevez on 11x2.. lol

Mozilla892397d ago

Probably because you rarely every see an athlete refuse to come on and play on one of the biggest stages in their sport.

I wouldn't even want Tevez on a free.

XboxInnovation2397d ago

Tevez is the biggest cry baby in this sport. You'd think a guy that came from as much poverty as him would not take his position for granted and appreciate the hand he is dealt.

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