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De Gea warned over stolen doughnut

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has found himself in a sticky situation after being warned for allegedly eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut at a local shop without paying for it.

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no_more_heroes2394d ago

I know how you feel, son. Those Krispy Kreme doughnuts must be the work of witchcraft, because they taste FAR too good to be made by normal human methods.

I could eat about a Krispy Kreme doughnut (or five) right about now my-damn-self.

kane_lfc2394d ago

I guess this explains why he drops every ball?

buddymagoo2394d ago

At present he has made more saves than any other goalkeeper in the Premiership.

Kane, once again proving he knows little.

hazelamy2393d ago

you could say he's got sticky fingers then? ^_^

Mozilla892393d ago

Probably because everyone wants to take a shot at him whenever they can thinking he'll mess up like the first few weeks.

DavidLuiz42394d ago

i WISH CFC Had him , hes a monster since hes getting use to the atmosphere of the premiere league and why do you have something to say for every post about other team , just letting you ;) it wont help at all

kane_lfc2394d ago

I would rather have Al Habsi than De Gea.

DavidLuiz42393d ago

Calm Down , Not over Cech - Never. Cech is the best goalkeeper in the EPL!!

freeduck2394d ago

People are going to dislike this comment but I will say that
Begovic is the 2nd best keeper in the EPL after Reina.
Anyone who watches Stoke play can't help but say that Begovic is top class and at 24 he can only get better and better.

Sahil2393d ago

he's a really quality goalkeeper and henessey too.

RedDevils2393d ago

you're not seriously even I had to admit Cech is the best in the PL, 2nd will be Reina who are on par with Hart and Given

Mozilla892393d ago

Begovic is definitely class, I usually pick a Stoke keeper for my fantasy team since Sorensen was pretty good too. Their back 4 also make it easier on him.

RedDevils2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

@kane_lfc Do you ever stop with the hating? you sound like bitter loser

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RedDevils2394d ago

I found this stupid and funny at the same time lol Great comedy from Espn, must be from HH

kane_lfc2394d ago

Are they sure he didnt drop it like hes dropped everything so far this season?

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