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Highlights: Espanyol 0-4 Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Division - 02/10/11)

0-1 Higuain 17'
0-2 Higuain 66'
0-3 Callejon 82'
0-4 Higuain 89'

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Sahil1891d ago

No goals for messi-ronaldo this week.

Killzoned1890d ago

He still setted up 2 goals

Theo11301890d ago

yeah, but he shoots way too much, instead of passing it, thats what he did well against ajax, but sometimes he just worries about himself. Here's hoping they sell his ass to some Russian club and we get hazard instead.

krazykombatant1890d ago

@theo1130 he scores what does it matter if he won't pass it as much when you have people like khedira who will miss open goals.

Corepred41890d ago

"Here's hoping they sell his ass to some Russian club and we get hazard instead. "

Stupidest thing i've read on this website.

CaptainMarvelQ81890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

He worries too much about himself?
you can't blame the man,he is always getting compared to Messi,so im sure he has a score to settle.(no pun intended)

and even then he's assisting and opening up the play,it doesn't hurt to get competitive about himself every once in a while,especially for a player of his caliber.

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Anderson81890d ago

they seem to be on the same scoring timetable

@theo1130.. he scored 53 goals last season.. he can shoot as many times as he wants

kane_lfc1890d ago

I cant believe your slating Ronaldo after he was amazing for you last season :/

Pashabest1890d ago

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