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Sven: England can rise with Wenger

Former England manager Sven Goran Eriksson believes under-fire Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger would be the perfect man to lead the Three Lions.

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kane_lfc2448d ago

Anyone other than the bias c*nt Capello who just keeps picking Man U players just because they play for Man U eg. Cleverly who hadnt even played a full game for them after the FA cup and he chose him over Jarvis and other players who have been doing well.

Sahil2448d ago

don't think he's bias.. his tactics are sometimes wrong and he isn't suited for the role.

buddy, what is with you and your negativity towards man-united, easy mate.

kane_lfc2448d ago

He needs to be sacked ASAP!

DavidLuiz42447d ago

Are You Even British? Why you trying to act and talk like someone your not , chill with the words... Your not getting no where... see when liverpool get ahead in top 5 than talk.- always got something dumb to say or stupid

sokrates2447d ago

I think wenger has done and does a great job in Arsenal. I think he would do a better job for england than Capello. Could it be worse than it is?

kulka2447d ago

nah I think Wenger should stay in england and countinue developing young players at club level and the national team will also benefit.