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Title out of Liverpool's reach - Suarez

Luis Suarez has claimed Liverpool's best chance of picking up silverware this season is in the cup competitions, with the Uruguayan suggesting Premier League title contenders Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea are "unreachable".

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MaximusPrime1891d ago

i knew that ever since the season started

Sahil1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

"There are two sides to every story and then there is the truth" MARK TWAIN

buddymagoo1891d ago

Yeah, Suarez sure does speak the truth. Pundits and fans didn't have a clue.

kane_lfc1891d ago

Like Carragher said, we'll see were we are by christmas and if we are 3 points behind the two Manc clubs and Rent boys, we'll go for title.

Chelsea are only 3 points ahead of us, its to early to say who will win the title because remember Chelsea last year, you cant predict whether one of the big 3 will have a drop inform.

Mozilla891891d ago

Wait you can actually understand Carragher over his ridiculous accent? I'm impressed.

KingPin1891d ago

lmao kane

your own players are TELLING you that you aint winning shit this season but being the delusional troll that you are, you still think LFC is winning something this season.

just be happy with 4th place if you even get that.

sokrates1891d ago

Chelsea is rich and reachable;) United unbeaten.

kulka1891d ago

It's still to early we got few new players so it takes time to gel but yes Liverpool is not yet strong enough certainly not consistent enough

Sahil1891d ago

atleast liverpool is not full of old junk.. who'll run out of stamina come January.

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