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What the world's been waiting for!

Barca v Real Madrid, Milan v Inter or United against Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool have been the games which appealed to a global audience.

But the Manchester derby is ascendant and the eyes of the football world will turn on the city for the first league derby of the season on October 23.

FourFourTwo magazine have United and City on the cover for the first time. The magazine has spoken to several players from both clubs for their new edition, which comes out tomorrow, and all are aware of the importance of the derby.

“All derbies are a difficult proposition, because it is a battle for the city,” said Sergio Aguero. “If you win, you win the city. Almost as soon as you are out of the ground, on the streets, you see a United fan and they remind you.

“It is a game the fans feel more than any other, and you must win so they can go out in the streets without being taunted. You cannot win all the time, of course, but losing is difficult.

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