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Ferguson urges United fans to behave

Sir Alex Ferguson has written to Manchester United's supporters to urge them to improve their behaviour at away matches or risk their ticket allocations being slashed.

Ferguson has become personally involved after United learned that their usual 3,000 allocation for the game at Liverpool on 15 October has been reduced to 1,960 because of problems involving their supporters at recent matches.

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neoragex2447d ago

Oh Man Yoo-nited, you'll do as you're told!!

sbalty2447d ago

United fans have a 'moody' element and I detest that 'We'll do what we want' - it's embarassing! The fans do need to behave - there are some dickheads who don't understand that we want to take our teenage lads and they can't bleedin see and that it's not hard abusing some poor steward with a toopee! The dippers etc have to try any way to have one up on us because we are miles ahead this year- if we don't win it by 10 I'll run naked around our neighbour's manor- probably get away with it in Stockport too!
Will Keane - the boys gonna be a great. The new Berba but with purpose.