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FC Barcelona looking for cheerleaders

One of the winning institutions in recent years seems enough to have had achievements in football and growth that have occurred in basketball, and that the club also seeks to have the best cheerleaders.

The search will Blaugrana girls to join the ranks of his group of cheerleaders that year after year have supported the group FC Barcelona.

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KingPin2451d ago

if they get cheerleaders the soccer will be an after thought. il be too busy drooling.

looking at sweaty men kick a ball, doing styles OR look at hot chicks shake their sexy ass.......yeeeeaaahhh.....

RedDevils2451d ago

I thought they already Cheerleaders

Sahil2450d ago

new chicks every year, that's barca's style ;)

mastiffchild2450d ago

Cheerleaders have zero place in football and Barca, as a club, should cringe at the idea let alone flaunt it.

I'm amazed any time a EU sporting organisation bothers with this kind of nonsense-and that's without thinking about how degrading it is to BOTH sexes. Keep this crap out of football.