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Sneijder saga twists towards United

Inter Milan target Mario Gotze as replacement for Manchester United target Wesley Sneijder...

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buddymagoo2358d ago

He was overpriced in the summer and now club tied in the champions league. Why would we want this guy he is too old for his price.

topgeareasy2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

yesssssssss!!!! hope he comes we so don't draw to more teams like stoke lol and man utd should of dominated Norwich

RedDevils2357d ago

Hope he never come to United

Kos-Mos2357d ago

You think we can win every god damn game we`re playing?

topgeareasy2357d ago

theirs a difference between drawing to benfica and drawing to stoke ok lol

Kos-Mos2357d ago

You can lol all you want, but the truth is more correct than your loling. Do you think we`d beat arsenal 10-2 or 12-2 if sneijder was playing?

topgeareasy2357d ago

on that day with the way they played yes even Alan Hansen said man utd could of scored 15 although he wasn't directly talking about sneijder

Mozilla892358d ago

For how expensive he will be in terms of fee and salary I don't think its' worth it.

Besides between Goetze and Sneijder I would rather have Goetze right now. Probably cheaper and more upside.

FlashXIII2357d ago

I was thinking this myself, sod Sneijder, might as well get the real Super Mario.