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Chelsea fans snub Abramovich

Chelsea supporters are set to deliver a massive snub to Roman Abramovich.

The Chelsea Pitch Owners’ Association (CPO) look certain to veto the sale of Stamford Bridge to the Russian billionaire at an EGM on October 27th.

Chelsea have written to the 12,000 members of the CPO asking them to release the freehold of Stamford Bridge so the club could in the future relocate to a new 65,000 seater stadium.

CPO was set up in 1993. At the time, the fans were keen to prevent Stamford Bridge from being sold for development.

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kane_lfc2390d ago

Abramovich is the only reason why Chelski are title contenders.

Gamer19822389d ago

They think they are bigger than him. This is what happens when you get a bit of success it goes to your head. He wants whats best for the club and also wants to make profit and they are too dumb to see that. Shame really.

kulka2389d ago

Lets be honest you need a big revenue to keep up teams lie United have a 70000 seater stadiums therfore bigger revenue in tickets alone Abramovic can't make loses forever can he ?