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Racism probe launched after Liverpool star Bellamy taunted by Brighton fans

Football chiefs are investigating an official racism complaint about Liverpool star Craig Bellamy after he was called a ‘sheep-*****’ during a game.

Let's Kick Racism Out and the FA have launched inquiries.
The Wales and Liverpool striker was allegedly the victim of 'inhuman, degrading and vile' taunts by rival fans.

Bellamy was targeted by fans of Brighton when Liverpool played them in the Carling Cup last month. Liverpool won the tie 2-1, with Bellamy scoring the opening goal for the Premiership side.

The Football Association said it had been 'made aware' of the allegations by Let's Kick Racism Out and that it was now probing the claims.

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kane_lfc2418d ago

Surely he doesn't find that offensive lol?

buddymagoo2418d ago

I think being called that is worse than a lot of the other racist instances we here about.

Gamer19822418d ago

still not the point though is it? We should want all offensive remarks kicked out of football whether they find it offensive or not or people will just get worse with them Adebyor last week was a perfect example of how they get worse.