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English eyes on US starlet understands a host of Premier League clubs are tracking American hot-shot Brek Shea.

The FC Dallas ace is regarded as one of the best young talents in America and is already an established member of Jurgen Klinsmann's USA side.

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no_more_heroes2449d ago

Well, that didn't take long, did it? I'm not surprised. Given what I've seen of him in the US national team, he looks good.

Gamer19822448d ago

no doubt we will see him at a team like Everton or Villa first on loan before a bigger team takes a chance on him. The problem is his nationality. I don't mean that as a racist thing. I mean it as there haven't been many great players from the USA so he is a big gamble for a top club and less of a gamble for a mid table side. Since the MLS off season is half way through the premier league season it works nicely too for a premier league side.

ProjectVulcan2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

So did Freddy Adu....

From what i have seen he is maybe a mid table premiership class striker at best

Nes_Daze2448d ago

Shea's got a lot of energy and talent and he's fast as hell in delivering those much needed crosses. Any English club that lacks some speed up front could benefit from this kid.

NovusTerminus2448d ago

I don't keep up with sports... At all. But can someone get me that picture in higher res? That is just funny!

2448d ago