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United and Chelsea refuse to back Liverpool breakaway plan

Manchester United and Chelsea are among several clubs who have moved to distance themselves from Liverpool's proposal to break from the Premier League's model of collecting television rights revenue.

It is understood that Manchester United, who claim to have 333m fans globally and have targeted overseas sponsorship revenue as a route to increase income, will oppose any moves to challenge the status quo under which the Premier League sells television rights overseas on behalf of all 20 elite clubs.

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Gamer19822380d ago

They are still top 4 and know there is other ways to earn income so don't need to be selfish and crap on other teams to get back into top 4 unlike Liverpool. Really disgusted Liverpool want to do this. It just shows how shameful they really are and without the backing of the top 4 they haven't got a chance.

Sahil2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

If you are so disgusted with the idea, then stop commenting on the subject. I'm also against this but that doesn't mean i'll start posting crazy sh*t.

liverpool is craping on other teams?

Yeah.. ridiculous wages and cheap tactics(etihad-deal), ain't these things destroying the league.

look at your own club first.

Gamer19822379d ago

Crazy sh*t? You losing your mind.. As for cheap tactics.. Oh dear.. Like the deal united got for training gear wasn't cheap? the etihad deal was at least for a stadium people will see every time they visit a match and watch on TV. United got a separate sponsor for training gear that was a joke of a deal but yeah lets all have a go at City and ignore the obvious as usual.