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Liverpool may have overpaid for players, suggests Henry

John W Henry, the principal owner of Liverpool, has suggested his Fenway Sports Group has overpaid for players, particularly in Boston and also in Liverpool, since they bought the football club a year ago this Saturday. Kenny Dalglish, appointed Liverpool's manager in January – which Henry described as "a calculated gamble" because he was not initially convinced Dalglish should return to management after an 11-year absence – has since spent £110.5m on players.

Liverpool's outlay includes £35m on Andy Carroll, £20m each for Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing, as well as £22m for Luis Suárez and £6m for José Enrique, the latter two generally felt in football to represent fair value. The Boston Red Sox, the baseball team Fenway owns, took on $300m (£191m) in new payroll commitments on two players, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, before this season, which nevertheless ended in dramatic collapse for the Red Sox.

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I still see Andy Carroll as a panic buy from Liverpool when they lost Torres near the end of the transfer window. How Newcastle convinced them he's worth £35m, I'll never know.

buddymagoo2412d ago

He wasn't even the top scorer in the Championship.

kulka2412d ago

The deal with Newcastle was that we were going to pay 15 milion less than Chelsea paid for Toress of course everyone knows we could have got aguero for this price but we could not afford his wages we needed a striker and we were not in the champions league But give Carroll some time I think he can emulate drogba for us he is very powerfull great with his head

Gamer19822411d ago

Could have got Aguero? Where that come from?? With no CL for 2 years and you even admitting that you had NO chance. Carroll was over an priced half a season wonder. A Drogba? No.. More like a tall Benjani..

kane_lfc2411d ago

I think you will find before he joined Man City he wanted Real Madrid or Juventus (Juventus dont have CL), Man City where his 'back-up' plan AND he never really wanted to join them.

Sahil2411d ago

atleast caroll's a better investment than BIBOTELLI, the world would agree.

kane_lfc2412d ago

Guardian headline: "lfc may have overpaid for players, concedes Henry". Actual quote is in a para about the Red Sox, not connected to lfc at all ;/

zeddy2411d ago

but they still overpaid. henderson 20 million? get out.

Mozilla892411d ago

My fantasy team says Downing needs to start producing as well.

freeduck2411d ago

Jeez you will believe anything what the media will tell you.

He wasn't bought for 20 million. The transfer fee was never disclosed, and the media figures are not even close according to Comolli.

Sahil2411d ago

am expecting big things from downing, specially today.