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Adam: I did not dive

Liverpool midfielder Charlie Adam has hit back at suggestions he went down too easily under a challenge from Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand at the weekend, insisting he is "not that type of player".

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Yes you did you fat lying diving cheating piece of SHIT!

NewMonday2441d ago

very convenient starting the video after Rio made the foul, yet you can even see his foot sticking WAY out in the start. and Adam lost his balance immediately. a clip is still a foul in football.


When he gets past Rio he is still on his feet, then he falls to the ground.

NewMonday2441d ago

like everyone says its hard to keep balance running with a ball and somebody trips you, specially if your a big guy, if he was small and agile maybe he can take it in his stride but he isn't.

Anderson82441d ago

the contact was minimal it clearly wasnt enough to bring him down or mess up his stride as he still had his footing after the tackle was mad and chose to go down size has and momentum have no effect when contact is little.. if nani had done this and we won the game from the resulting freekick we would never hear the end of it.. it was a dive just accept it

MaximusPrime2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Dive or not, Man U were crap

buddymagoo2441d ago

Still sore from the past 4 beatings we gave you lot.


Yeah but not enough to go down like that, Adam knew Rio was on a yellow card so he deliberately tried to get him sent off.

If that was a Man Utd player, you would not be saying that so stop kidding yourself.

kulka2441d ago

I know diving has become a disease almost everyone does it football is going in a wrong direction and Fifa are too lazy to act

Gamer19822441d ago

Yeah and evra tried to get Suarez sent off earlier but lets conveniently miss that out right? Fickle you utd fans. I admit though he went down way too easy and seems to be Liverpool all over this season especially Suarez.

Infernostew2441d ago

It's still a dive even if you get a light tap and go down like a ton of bricks.

zeddy2441d ago

it was a dive but to be fair he didnt roll around, he got straight back up because he knew what he did.

Anderson82441d ago

but they still got a freekick and scored from it.. it douesnt matter if he got str8 up he shouldnt have gone down so easily in the first place

Gamer19822441d ago

It was Giggs fault they scored though to be fair UTD fans looking to blame ADAM for that goal and the dive instead of the real culprit who was Giggs for jumping out the way of the ball.

Anderson82441d ago


i'm not blaming any1 for the goal just stating that if adam didnt dive it wouldnt have been a freekick.. who knows what giggs was thinking he never should have moved

Nes_Daze2441d ago

Yeesh, I didn't know people were so sensitive about diving. Want to see a real master of diving at work, look up CR on youtube.

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