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Highlights: Olympique Marseille 0-1 Arsenal (UEFA Champions League Group F - 19/10/11)

0-1 A. Ramsey 90' +2'

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sokrates2374d ago

Strong win by Arsenal. I think they will pass and do good in the knock outs. This Wenger team is only getting better in to the season.

no_more_heroes2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I was 100% sure Arsenal would lose this, but Marseille were bloody appalling, especially in the second half. Decent enough performance I guess, all things considering.

Nobody got injured ei... oh wait...

...never mind...


imtiyaz62374d ago

What a cross from Djourou! he should start playing a RB more. And Wenger's patience with Koscielny is finally paying off!

no_more_heroes2374d ago

Surprised me. Didn't know he had a right foot.

Wonder who else in the team has hidden talents?

I've just realized that this is also Arsenal's 5th victory in their last 6 matches in all competitions. Maybe things really are getting better (says I, tempting fate as if with a carrot on the end of a string).