Highlights: Liverpool 1-1 Norwich City (English Premier League - 22/10/11)

1-0 C. Bellamy 45'
1-1 G. Holt 60'

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zico1948d ago

this was not Suarezs day:-(...and Carroll WHY don`t you score for us.......what a chance with his head at the end.

buddymagoo1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Kenny fails again. When Manchester United came to town the players were excited and tried their hardest. When wearing a Liverpool shirt at home at Anfield the players haven't got enough passion to beat Norwich, lol.

Sahil1948d ago

It's OCTOBER.. get a hold of yourself, wil ya.

Mozilla891948d ago

Why not play with Suarez and Carroll from the beginning, they seem to complement each other on paper...

freeduck1948d ago

These draws piss me off. Liverpool should have had this game before halftime

zico1948d ago

loosing 2points today should never happen!!! Okay Norwichs goalkeeper was great but it should be easy 3 points against "teams like Norwich"!

kulka1947d ago

better look at your performance against city LMAO

Sahil1948d ago

One of those fcnking days. Play well, don't get a result. The most frustrating of all.

zico1948d ago

LUCKY!!!!and a good goalkeeper saved many times did the ball hit the post?

Infernostew1948d ago

How many times did Suarez mysteriously hit the ground?

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The story is too old to be commented.