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Highlights: Barcelona 0-0 Sevilla (Spanish Primera Division - 22/10/11)

No goals but still a lot of highlights and a Penalty miss.

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Anderson82403d ago messi is human after all

ad4mb2403d ago

he's only acting human for the cameras

Snakefist302402d ago

Nope he is really human look at how he plays for Argentina!!

Anderson82402d ago

to be honest he never plays badly for argentina just never as ridiculously well as he does for barca.. hes set the benchmark too high

zico2402d ago

he is still GOD for me!

Snakefist302402d ago

But he is still human for me!!!

HxCGamer2403d ago

holy crap anyone who saw this game should praise this goalkeeper

Sahil2402d ago

barca's performance outclassed by the GK.

Snakefist302402d ago

It wasn't a penalty. It was a gift from the Spanish FA boss, Villar. Messi only made a mistake in opening it as he was in a hurry to beat CR7 to it.