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'He is good at winning penalties' - West Brom defender Billy Jones on Liverpool's Luis Suarez

West Brom defender Billy Jones has revealed his side had discussed the danger of tackling Luis Suarez in the box before their 2-0 defeat to Liverpool.

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freeduck2397d ago

I'm sick of the media and other fans accusing Suarez of diving, they are hypocrites. Instead of looking at the penalty incident, why not look at a player like Olssen who played dirty, and tackles like a rhinoceros. There were also a few fouls and a handball incident in the penalty box that were not called either.

The media just hates Liverpool, and they can't admit that every team that played Liverpool this season (bar Tottenham) got outplayed.

freeduck2397d ago

Utd fan?

Look at your Ronaldo, Berbatov, Nani

KingPin2396d ago

why is it that everyone that calls suarez a diver a united fan?

fact is ronaldo and nani are divers. no united fan will disagree, but why are we not allowed to add suarez to that list?

Gamer19822396d ago

I'm no united fan and I say Luis Suarez is a diver too as well as Nani plus half the rag team. They all go down like there shot when in the box and get the slightest nudge. They been doing it for years and winning games through it especially in the dying minutes of a game. But it won them cups so of course people are gonna emulate. Except City that is :p. We just score goals and win games without the need for penaltys :).

freeduck2396d ago

I have watched Suarez since January. I can say that he does not dive at all. Every time he goes down it's ALWAYS due to contact.

However I will say this: When he goes down it is often theatrical and he exaggerates it, but there is always contact. Just look at him last game, I've seen him multiple times go down but gets up really quickly to keep possession of ball.