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Football hooligan punches player in vicious attack

Disturbing images from Romania capture the moment when a fan was able to launch a hideous assault on an unsuspecting player after invading the pitch, before being set upon by the victim's team-mates.

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zico2271d ago

ban "supporters"/Holigan s like this for LIFE!!!

XboxInnovation2271d ago

lol, the player dropped to the ground like a bitch, I would have chased him down and knocked him out cold.

Nightfallen2271d ago

At least #18 kicked his ass lol.

terrorofdeath2270d ago

That number 18 was deadly.

buddymagoo2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Coward! Hitting a man from behind, he had no chance.

One thing is for sure. I wouldn't like to be him. He is now open to attack from supporters. He will be forever looking over his shoulder.

Anderson82271d ago

that was a terrible punch..

fine him and give him a few months jail time.. easy solution