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Highlights: Manchester United 2-0 Otelul Galati (UEFA Champions League Group C - 02/11/11)

1-0 Valencia 8'
2-0 Rooney 87'

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buddymagoo2302d ago

That'll do. Rooney was incredible tonight.

sokrates2302d ago

He sure was! He is great, usually. I am so glad we didn't loose him last season. He is United to his bone:)

KingPin2302d ago

wasn't the best performance by man united but we will be happy with the result.

I think we gave the ball away cheaply at times.

much respect to galati. they played well and didn't just defend. apart from the first goal they conceded, they really didn't do that much wrong.

zeddy2302d ago

that was quite boring, we should be demolishing that team. rooney and jones were great, everyone else was not up to standard.


That was awful, there were times where I hoped Galati would equalise just so United could show some urgency.

Anderson82301d ago

it was very poor but aslong as we qualify top i dnt mind.. jus hope form picks up in the knockout stage

terrorofdeath2301d ago

Why is Evans still playing?

buddymagoo2301d ago

He will come good. He will always be a fan favourite for this

kane_lfc2301d ago

Jonny Evans playing is good...for everyone that isn't a Man U fan of course.

buddymagoo2301d ago

It's funny how you boys go on... and then win nothing, lol.

terrorofdeath2300d ago

Oh yes. Can't forget that. Thanks for the reminder lol.

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