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Highlights: Olympique Lyon 0-2 Real Madrid (UEFA Champions League Group D - 02/11/11)

24' (0-1) C. Ronaldo
69' (0-2) C. Ronaldo (pen.)

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no_more_heroes2422d ago

A day after Messi reaches 200, Ronaldo reaches 100.


how fast did Messi reach 100?

KingPin2422d ago

I can't answer your question about messi, but I do know that in the time messi scored 200 for barca, ronaldo scored 100+ for man united and now 100 for Real Madrid.

the haters will hate but fact is ronaldo is a great player.

Corepred42422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Thank you i was looking for that for a while today. trying to see who has more goals. the commentator made a comment about ronaldo being jealous of messi's 200 goals and i was like wait a minute didn't ronaldo score like 63 last season alone?! and i don't know how many at manchester united?! I really don't see why people hate ronaldo. he's my favorite player so maybe i'm just blind to what other people hate about him.

btw gotta love the free kick. good job khedira! way to part that wall!!

Snakefist302422d ago

Ronaldo scored 117 goals for manchester United!!!

Nes_Daze2418d ago

Ronaldo is a great football player without a doubt, but he's very undisciplined. Anybody who watches football will notice this.