Highlights: Liverpool 0-0 Swansea City (English Premier League - 05/11/11)

No goals

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Sahil2089d ago

One word...


no_more_heroes2089d ago

These newly promoted teams are definitely proving their worth so far. Norwich will be a very tough nut to crack in two weeks time.

zeddy2089d ago

cant be dropping home points to the likes of norwich and swansea if you want to get in the champions league places.

guigsy2089d ago

It's their inability to convert games like these into results which costs Liverpool their title challenge. No use in beating the big boys if you can't beat everyone else.

Anderson82088d ago

same old story for them it seems

kane_lfc2089d ago

Oh dear...are whole squad were so poor today...

kane_lfc2087d ago

If we keep playing like this then maybe.